Every purchase makes a difference

For every bottle sold a donation is made by Van Loveren Family Vineyards towards the Player Ntombela Foundation. Donations can also be made right here on this website.

Each bottle of Rhino Run wine, exported or marketed at international and local expos, is a conversation starter and an education effort, spreading awareness of the rhino poaching crisis and combating the myths and superstitions driving the demand for rhino horn.

Rhino horn powder

does not

make you look younger

make you more fertile

free you from demons

cure typhoid or the flu

it only kills rhinos

Welcom to Royal Rhino

Welcome to Royal Rhino

Raise a glass to Honour the Legends.

Introducing Rhino Run, a range of South African wines created to fight rhino poaching through funding education and conservation.

A decade ago the Rhino's story seemed to be heading for a happy ending, with both black and white African Rhino species making a comeback from the brink of extinction. But since 2008, poaching has pitched these creatures back into a struggle for survival. In 2014 alone South Africa lost 1215 rhinos to poachers.


Are you with us? #StopRhinoPoaching #StandTogether https://t.co/KgaFYhKhks
2018/02/15 7:30:08 AM
The slight decrease in poaching during 2017 contains some good news, some bad. The conviction rate of rhino horn tr https://t.co/7EfOrkUZHf
2018/02/08 2:09:32 PM


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